Friday, 23 December 2011

All Aboard!

Nothing beats comfy. And if it's chic and a fashion rage that has refused to die down, then you're probably all eyes now! If you haven't guessed already, we're talking about boat shoes! They're endorsed by celebrities and even a Princess. Now, could they get any classier?
So here's our style guide on how to, what to, and where to wear boat shoes!

He wears 'em, she wears 'em!

The best part about boat shoes is that they are unisex. But, before you think of borrowing your boyfriend's shoes bear in mind that boatshoes for men and women are designed differently. While most boat shoes for men come in sober pastel shades, girls you'll can have loads of fun. Reds, blues, and nudes; it's time to be your girly best! They're mostly made in leather and come in a variety of styles to choose from!

How to wear your Boat Shoes

Nautical themes are naturally worn with them but it's not a rule. So while white pants and stripe shirts would go best for that classical theme, you need not restrict yourself to it. We know you like to have fun. Team them with a polka dotted dress or blue jeans and you're all set!

Where to wear 'em

No, you don't have to go sailing to wear your boat shoes. But there are many other places you can. They're perfect for outdoor activities like a cycling trip. With the holiday season fast approaching, they're a good bet to carry along in your suitcase. You could also wear them for those long hours of window shopping. They're also great for movies, a casual lunch or even dinner.

And guess what? We're launching a whole new collection of boat shoes! With not many months for the summer left and countless occasions before it, make sure you grab some of the best deals here!


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