Friday, 23 December 2011

Rocking like the Stars!

Rock has made a surprise comeback this season. We must thank Bollywood for bringing 'Rock & Roll' back in vogue. With Katrina headbanging to 'Dhunki' or 'Ranbir' building the tempo with Sadda Haq, rock has never before made such a strong impact in India. So we thought, why not help you with that rockstar look. Remember, it doesn't matter if you don't have that raspy voice so long as you can pull it off!

The good ol blues! Wear 'em short, wear 'em torn, wear 'em long, wear 'em tight; it doesn't matter. Comfort with loads of attitude is what you should focus on. Pair them with sneakers, boots or even pumps to experiment with your look. And those bangles you bought in the flea market, would be just perfect!

Now if you're ready to look a little more edgy, try leather. Leather is the ultimate look for any wannabe rockstar. From corsets, skinny pants to boots; leather never looked better. To complete your ensemble team it with knee length leather boots or strappy heels.

So you're thinking, I want to dress like a rockstar but do I have to wear those faded jeans or cramping skinny pants? The good news is that you don't. Check-out Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee's style. They manage to combine rock with feminine and manage to look sexy, all at once! Who said Rock implies black? Take out that bright dress of yours and team it with a pair of sneakers. Try experimenting with lace and a pair of leather boots. Don't forget those fishnet stockings and the smoky eyes look.

With all those theme parties coming up, here's a new style you could try! And to create that perfect look, you can shop from our exclusive collection of pumps, boots, and even sneakers available at fantastic prices!


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