Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Stay Stylish @ Work this Winter

With all those festivities and holidays coming to an end, it might get hard to return to the daily grind. But the new year brings along with it loads of excitement. And the best way to reflect that is through you personal style. So even if you don't feel like getting up early to take your daily local, your new look will give you plenty of reason to drive you. Don't worry, as always we're with you on this!

To get started with your look, the number one rule is to feel comfortable in what your wear. Make sure your clothes and shoes don’t leave you begging for air. With temperatures dipping, you’re sure to feel as cold on your way to work as well as in your work place. Closed shoes would be a good bet. Tweed jackets, black tapering pants, and shades of gray are perfect to complete your look!

We know it gets difficult to choose what to wear when you have so much to wear. The key to smart dressing is ‘Mix and match’! A pair of nude pumps will virtually go with anything. Try a suede pair of boots with leggings or stockings for a semi formal look. Pointy toes make a comback this season and are great for those tapering pants. Try red, if you want to add some colour in your ensemble.


Guys, we didn’t forget about you. We know how important it is to power dress for those important meetings. Leather’s probably what you’ve always been wearing. But leather need not be boring. Besides the customary black, try shades of brown as well. Experiment with textures and patterns. Suede shoes go extremely well with chinos and are perfect for Friday dressing!

Hey, it’s never too late to upgrade that wardrobe. So make the most of our year-end sales! We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or hit that ‘like’ button!


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