Monday, 27 February 2012

Desert Festivals, Safaris and More!

Missed the Jaipur Literature Festival? Don't worry, there's loads more to do in Rajasthan in the coming months. From having your own Indiana Jones moment, pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere to dancing to a traditional folk song, come prepared for experiences you'd never expect. Jaisalmer and Jaipur are hotspots for festival junkies and must be the on top of your itinerary. And for what should go in your backpack, read on.
The extreme climate of the region can cause confusion when it comes to choosing the right clothes. The daytime temperature is rather high and it makes sense to pack linen clothes of lighter colours. Loose cotton fabrics are not only comfortable but will help you keep cool when it gets hot. On the other hand, the nights can get quite cold especially if you're camping in the desert. So make sure you carry along a warm jacket or pullover to shield you from the single digit temperature.
The right kind of shoes would help you on those long walks or camel safaris. Boots are always great no matter where you choose to visit. Gladiators and sandals are high on comfort and are great for city sightseeing.
Your sunglasses would come handy to shield you from the peak afternoon sun. Carry suntan lotion if you want to avoid getting that bronzed tan. Invest in a good backpack as it will be your best friend on your journey. An off-white scarf is good to cover your head or protect you from the chilly climate. And your jacket would be your best bet to carry along on a night safari.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Getting Folksy

Hoorah! It's folk festival season this month. The Surajkund Crafts Mela kick starts this week in Delhi and the Khala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai. These festivals attract a host of artisans and artists from all over India to display some of the finest ethnic arts and crafts. And it's not necessary to go to these festivals just to shop for trinkets or house décor. There are so many fabrics and textures to get inspired by. And if you cannot make it this year, don't worry we've got you covered.
Traditional handloom materials can be worn in a variety of ways. And probably the Kurti-dhoti combo looks best of 'em all. The chilly red handloom print teamed with cast iron jewelry definitely gets our thumbs up! To try a more contemporary look, team a dhoti with a tank top or cowl blouse. The 70's inspired churidar with a crushed black kurta will not go wrong either.
If you want to try the fusion look, there's loads to experiment with. Try a bandini blouse with formal tapered pants. Work's well for the office and formal events as well. To carry off the same look for a casual occasion try a Capri instead. Flowing block printed skirts are great for the bohemian look. Team it with a jacket and you can change its purpose altogether.

These festivals attract shoe-o-holics for a variety of reasons. From colourful Mojris, embellished Kolhapuris to jute sandals, there's so much to indulge in. But it's not a rule to wear traditional shoes with traditional prints. In fact, it's best to mix and match. So team a pair of mojris with your faded jeans and stilettos with a dhoti.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love Struck!

If you think dressing is all about slipping on a pair of jeans and a tee, then maybe you need to rethink your strategy. What you wear must go in sync with what you plan to do. If you're going for lunch or a movie, it's best to keep your look casual but yet one that spells 'Special'. Team up a red striped or check shirt with a tie and jeans. For dinners, opt for a semi formal look. Depending on where you choose to dine, you could wear a blazer with a pair of jeans or a formal pant. For a more formal dress code, wear a casual suit and let the accessories speak for how you feel.

It's great to carry a hint of red in whatever you wear. Try red rose cufflinks with a black blazer or a red tie and handkerchief. To highlight the occasion subtly, use a black belt with red motifs. For casual occasions opt for a red scarf with a black or white shirt. And for the diehard romantic, attach a red rose to the lapel of your jacket.

At all costs avoid wearing sneakers. Either try boat shoes or loafers. Team up your suits with leather shoes in shades of brown. If you must, stick to your black formal shoes.

And remember, it's hard to go wrong with a bouquet of red roses wrapped with a smile!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Quick Fixes for Casual Fridays

Don't you simply love Friday mornings? With the prospect of the long weeked approaching, it's probably the only day of the week you don't mind going to work. And with more companies adopting a 'Casual Friday' code of dressing, it's better you know what works best.

Casual Fridays by no ways means 'come in your shorts day'. You can flout this rule only if your work place has a more relaxed dress code. But, yes your pair of ink blue jeans would be sure shot winner. And probably nothing beats a straight fit. Team it up with a white shirt and blazer and you're all set for that meeting. The best part is that this look works for both men as well as women.
You've probably dragged the week with back to back meetings and those torturous heels. It's time to let your feet relax. Yes, here's another reason to love casual Fridays. Flats go well with Friday dressing. From ballerinas, gladiators to sandals, it's definitely the best time of the week. What's more, they go amazingly well with a variety of clothing. And you'd have plenty of time to rest your feet before the party weekend kick starts.
And guys if you're bored of wearing leather, Fridays will offer you a welcome change as well. Bring out those suede or canvas shoes from your closet. What's more, you can experiment with shades of browns, greens and blues. Depending on your company dress code, you could also try boat shoes or loafers. And even if you love your favourite pair of sneakers, don't wear them.
Think you got your Friday look all figured out? If not, don't worry. We've got a wide range of casual shoes to choose from. Browse, select and pay. It's that easy!