Monday, 27 February 2012

Desert Festivals, Safaris and More!

Missed the Jaipur Literature Festival? Don't worry, there's loads more to do in Rajasthan in the coming months. From having your own Indiana Jones moment, pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere to dancing to a traditional folk song, come prepared for experiences you'd never expect. Jaisalmer and Jaipur are hotspots for festival junkies and must be the on top of your itinerary. And for what should go in your backpack, read on.
The extreme climate of the region can cause confusion when it comes to choosing the right clothes. The daytime temperature is rather high and it makes sense to pack linen clothes of lighter colours. Loose cotton fabrics are not only comfortable but will help you keep cool when it gets hot. On the other hand, the nights can get quite cold especially if you're camping in the desert. So make sure you carry along a warm jacket or pullover to shield you from the single digit temperature.
The right kind of shoes would help you on those long walks or camel safaris. Boots are always great no matter where you choose to visit. Gladiators and sandals are high on comfort and are great for city sightseeing.
Your sunglasses would come handy to shield you from the peak afternoon sun. Carry suntan lotion if you want to avoid getting that bronzed tan. Invest in a good backpack as it will be your best friend on your journey. An off-white scarf is good to cover your head or protect you from the chilly climate. And your jacket would be your best bet to carry along on a night safari.

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