Saturday, 31 March 2012

Budget Blues ?!?!?!

Did this month's budget get you down? We wouldn't blame you. Many shoe-a-holics, across the country, are probably losing sleep with sky rocketing prices. Life in the city only got more expensive. In other words, your hefty wallet with your pay packet is most likely to lose steam midway in the month. It's hard to curb those shoe fetishes. The best way out is to recycle, refine, and reuse. It's simple; we'll show you how.
1. Lifesaving Sneakers

Dig in your closet and pull out that old pair of sneakers. Perfect for worn-out jeans and to make art cool, these lifesaving sneakers never go out of style. All you need to do is pick up a brush and get to work. Voila! You've just made old look very new.
2. Wa-Wa-Woom Black Pumps

An essential for any shoe-o-holic, black pumps will go well with any ensemble. To jazz them up, add a dash of sparkling stones or a colored satin bow.
3. Retro-Chic Wedges

Wedges are back in rage. Want to stand out from the crowd. Take acrylic paint and color your wedges in shades to match your ensemble. From quirky to chic, remember to have fun!
4. Comfy Canvas Shoes

If painting is too messy for you, try your hand at craft. Take a pair of cloth or canvas shoes and decorate them with a twist. From lace, large buttons to bows, contrasts always work!
5. Boho-Chic Kolhapuris

Cut out a piece of zari from your mum's old saree and use it to give your boring kolhapuris for an arty look. If you're a bit more ambitious, try a darker shade by dying them.
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


If the summer heat has started to get to you, then it's the right time to escape to a tropical beach paradise. A beach holiday is perfect to get that golden tan or cool off in the clear waters. What's more, you can unwind by para-sailing, jet-skiing or swimming! And even if you choose to just laze on the beach, you'd enjoy it. Well, all said and done, it's also important to carry along the right stuff in your travel bag. And here's what we recommend!
They say on the beach, shorts couldn't get any get shorter or tank tops any smaller. And we couldn't agree more. The best part about the beach is that it also allows you to bend the rules. Jumpers, sarongs, and cotton dresses are perfect to flaunt, before you slip into your swimsuit. And who said flowers are only for girls. Hawaiian inspired floral shorts and shirts are quite a rage. But if you prefer sober, opt for classic white or grey shorts.

If you're wondering does footwear matter on the beach, then our answer would be, YES! Slip-ons and flip flops are your best bet, especially since they're perfect to leave behind when you want to enjoy a swim or even walk along the shore. Easily washable, you won't have to worry about the sand which piles in closed shoes. What's more, they're available in a riot of colors to match every ensemble you choose!

Accessories are always essential on the beach. But they're more important to protect yourself from the sun than to just make a style statement. So don't forget to carry along a beach hat, a good pair of glares and most importantly, your sun block. Remember, always stay hydrated!

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Lee Cooper
Lee Cooper

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Color Burst!

Summer's here! It's time for flirty dresses and comfy cottons. We've unveiled a whole new range of pumps inspired by the season's funkiest colors. From sunny yellows, hot reds to neon blues; it's time to let color do the talking. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe, all you need to do is "mix and match". And if you're wondering what we're talking about, read on.
It's hard to go wrong with white and the best part is that it's great to beat the sweltering summer heat! But surely you don't want to look boring. To add a dash of color, team up your white cotton dress with yellow pumps and a belt. Try yellow stone earrings, to complete your look. Browns work well for handbags as well as blacks & glares. What's more, you can also interchange your look by replacing yellow with bright reds or soothing blues.

Wearing a little black dress (LBD) at the peak of summer would be nothing short of getting into a sauna. But if you still can't seem to stay away from black; try the flirty, playful polka dotted dress instead. It's ideal to re-create the retro look and looks cute as well. Add a pinch of red to your ensemble by teaming your dress with red pumps and a red belt. Don't forget to carry along a red handbag.

So you're not afraid of yellow? And why should you should be? Yellow's perfect for warm summer brunches. Though, you must show a little restraint when it comes to playing "mix and match". Try sober blue or black pumps to add a contrast. If you want play safe, nudes work well in taming the bright yellow. Accessorize with blue bracelets or headbands.
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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Decoding Wedges...

So what's the fuss about wedges anyways? Yes, they've been a hot favorite of designers. Most of the celebrities are sporting 'em. They're equally popular on the catwalk and off it as well. And they seem to become a rage in almost every season. So if you've ever wondered what made wedges achieve their cult status, here's where you'd find all the answers.
Comfort, style, comfort, style... Well that's the key to why wedges have become so popular. So you don't have to torture your feet to satisfy your 'heel fetish'. Moreover, from dresses, pants to even shorts; wedges go extremely well with almost everything. Remember, your mantra should be to keep that dress length short, especially if you want to flaunt those gym-toned legs. With summer almost here, it's the perfect season to try mixing and matching your dresses with an array of colours.

So how do you choose your wedges? Depending on the look you're trying to create, there are a wide variety of wedges to indulge in. From strappy wedges, boot wedges, slip-on wedges to sandal wedges, you'd be spoilt for choice. Strappy wedges work well to recreate the retro look. So those floral summer dresses or white hot pants will look great with self colored wedges. If you like to experiment, try teaming peep-toe wedges with bright colored socks or a pair of stockings. Boot wedges are great for pants and formal occasions.
Think you've got it all figured out? Then, try the Fashos range of wedges, simply perfect for your breezy summer ensemble. The retro inspired, polka dotted peep toe sandals with wedge heels is great to keep it simple and girly. What's more, all through March we're celebrating the spirit of womanhood. So log on to make the most of our deals and special discounts for women only!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm every Women!

How often have you heard that? Being a woman in today's chaotic world is all about juggling everything all together. With all the roles blending together, it's hard to make time for yourself or keep track of who you actually are. So, for all the other days you're expected to have 'super-woman powers'; here's one which actually recognizes how normal you'd like to be. And here's how we think you should celebrate this day!
Checklist for 8th March, 2012
  • Ditch the Kitchen! It may be hard, but it's definitely outta limits.
  • Make a lunch date with your mother/ mother-in-law, sister/ sister-in-law or daughter/daughter-in-law. Better still meet 'em all.
  • Call up your girlfriends who you've not spoken to for aeons of years. Today's not the day to be catty.
  • Catch the latest chick-flick or rom-com that's hit the local theatres. It's all right to shed buckets of tears.
  • Did we say binge on chocolate? YES! Forget that diet that never works or your rigorous gym routine that makes you curse the strict measures of perfection.
  • SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! Need we say anything more? It always works!
  • A day at the spa can cure anything; even the everyday grind of the local bus or train.
  • Take a nap. You've definitely earned it!
Think you've ticked most of the things-to-do in our "Women's Day Checklist"? Great! Let us know how you spent your day. You can write back to us or leave us a comment. We've got another surprise in store for you. We're offering a flat 21% off on our women's range all through March, exclusively for women only. You heard it right! Just log on and claim your coupon code!
Here's wishing all you wonderful women,

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Preparing to Win!

The Indian Derby just got over last month. And as every year, it was much more than horses galloping away to reach the finish line. The Derby really is all about making a style statement. So, what you wore spoke volumes of who you are. The quintessential suit… WELL!, It's hard to go wrong with it. However, that's the first mistake you might just make. While the Derby is a formal event, it doesn't warrant for a business suit. It might be hard to match the ladies, but if you're in the habit of winning, here's the right place to know how to get it right!
Uber Cool Look

Pastel shades are a great way of emphasizing the 'uber cool' look. Matchyour suit with a gray tie or give that tie a miss completely. Try shades of brown for your leather shoes and don't hesitate to experiment with textures. Don't forget a pair of glares to complete your look. Works well if you douse a bit of panache to your stride.
Super Chic Look

So you really want to take the Derby seriously? As long as you can carry itoff, here's a look to try. Gray tones always work well. Team your suit with a white waist coat, suspenders and black bow. If you like to experiment, try shades of white and black for your leather shoes.Toss on a hat and you're ready to make your statement.
Very Dapper Look

No, we didn't forget the pinstriped navy blue suit either. Usually worn forformal events, this style could be tweeked to suit your requirement. You wouldn't go wrong with a white shirt. Forget the tie and leave your collar button open for a more relaxed look. A pairof black leather shoes are perfect to complete your look.
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