Saturday, 31 March 2012

Budget Blues ?!?!?!

Did this month's budget get you down? We wouldn't blame you. Many shoe-a-holics, across the country, are probably losing sleep with sky rocketing prices. Life in the city only got more expensive. In other words, your hefty wallet with your pay packet is most likely to lose steam midway in the month. It's hard to curb those shoe fetishes. The best way out is to recycle, refine, and reuse. It's simple; we'll show you how.
1. Lifesaving Sneakers

Dig in your closet and pull out that old pair of sneakers. Perfect for worn-out jeans and to make art cool, these lifesaving sneakers never go out of style. All you need to do is pick up a brush and get to work. Voila! You've just made old look very new.
2. Wa-Wa-Woom Black Pumps

An essential for any shoe-o-holic, black pumps will go well with any ensemble. To jazz them up, add a dash of sparkling stones or a colored satin bow.
3. Retro-Chic Wedges

Wedges are back in rage. Want to stand out from the crowd. Take acrylic paint and color your wedges in shades to match your ensemble. From quirky to chic, remember to have fun!
4. Comfy Canvas Shoes

If painting is too messy for you, try your hand at craft. Take a pair of cloth or canvas shoes and decorate them with a twist. From lace, large buttons to bows, contrasts always work!
5. Boho-Chic Kolhapuris

Cut out a piece of zari from your mum's old saree and use it to give your boring kolhapuris for an arty look. If you're a bit more ambitious, try a darker shade by dying them.
Think you need that final moment of indulgence before the next financial year kick starts? Don't worry, just log on. Our clearance sale is still on. So make the most while stocks last!


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