Thursday, 15 March 2012

Decoding Wedges...

So what's the fuss about wedges anyways? Yes, they've been a hot favorite of designers. Most of the celebrities are sporting 'em. They're equally popular on the catwalk and off it as well. And they seem to become a rage in almost every season. So if you've ever wondered what made wedges achieve their cult status, here's where you'd find all the answers.
Comfort, style, comfort, style... Well that's the key to why wedges have become so popular. So you don't have to torture your feet to satisfy your 'heel fetish'. Moreover, from dresses, pants to even shorts; wedges go extremely well with almost everything. Remember, your mantra should be to keep that dress length short, especially if you want to flaunt those gym-toned legs. With summer almost here, it's the perfect season to try mixing and matching your dresses with an array of colours.

So how do you choose your wedges? Depending on the look you're trying to create, there are a wide variety of wedges to indulge in. From strappy wedges, boot wedges, slip-on wedges to sandal wedges, you'd be spoilt for choice. Strappy wedges work well to recreate the retro look. So those floral summer dresses or white hot pants will look great with self colored wedges. If you like to experiment, try teaming peep-toe wedges with bright colored socks or a pair of stockings. Boot wedges are great for pants and formal occasions.
Think you've got it all figured out? Then, try the Fashos range of wedges, simply perfect for your breezy summer ensemble. The retro inspired, polka dotted peep toe sandals with wedge heels is great to keep it simple and girly. What's more, all through March we're celebrating the spirit of womanhood. So log on to make the most of our deals and special discounts for women only!


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  1. I just love the wedge style. I think they are perfect because i'm not a tall person and I like to add height but I always seem to get a pair of heels that are stylish and I love but they hurt my feet. So then i decided to try a pair of wedges and I fell in love. They are so comfortable and they give the height I was looking for. I actually ordered myself a pair of TOMS Wedges in Ash from! They are an espadrille wedge wrapped in a gorgeous canvas upper and I also found out about TOMS One for One Movement that for every pair of shoes sold they give a pair to the less fortunate kids! Great right? You get a nice comfortable pair of shoes and you help out a child in need. Feels great!