Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm every Women!

How often have you heard that? Being a woman in today's chaotic world is all about juggling everything all together. With all the roles blending together, it's hard to make time for yourself or keep track of who you actually are. So, for all the other days you're expected to have 'super-woman powers'; here's one which actually recognizes how normal you'd like to be. And here's how we think you should celebrate this day!
Checklist for 8th March, 2012
  • Ditch the Kitchen! It may be hard, but it's definitely outta limits.
  • Make a lunch date with your mother/ mother-in-law, sister/ sister-in-law or daughter/daughter-in-law. Better still meet 'em all.
  • Call up your girlfriends who you've not spoken to for aeons of years. Today's not the day to be catty.
  • Catch the latest chick-flick or rom-com that's hit the local theatres. It's all right to shed buckets of tears.
  • Did we say binge on chocolate? YES! Forget that diet that never works or your rigorous gym routine that makes you curse the strict measures of perfection.
  • SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! Need we say anything more? It always works!
  • A day at the spa can cure anything; even the everyday grind of the local bus or train.
  • Take a nap. You've definitely earned it!
Think you've ticked most of the things-to-do in our "Women's Day Checklist"? Great! Let us know how you spent your day. You can write back to us or leave us a comment. We've got another surprise in store for you. We're offering a flat 21% off on our women's range all through March, exclusively for women only. You heard it right! Just log on and claim your coupon code!
Here's wishing all you wonderful women,


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