Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Preparing to Win!

The Indian Derby just got over last month. And as every year, it was much more than horses galloping away to reach the finish line. The Derby really is all about making a style statement. So, what you wore spoke volumes of who you are. The quintessential suit… WELL!, It's hard to go wrong with it. However, that's the first mistake you might just make. While the Derby is a formal event, it doesn't warrant for a business suit. It might be hard to match the ladies, but if you're in the habit of winning, here's the right place to know how to get it right!
Uber Cool Look

Pastel shades are a great way of emphasizing the 'uber cool' look. Matchyour suit with a gray tie or give that tie a miss completely. Try shades of brown for your leather shoes and don't hesitate to experiment with textures. Don't forget a pair of glares to complete your look. Works well if you douse a bit of panache to your stride.
Super Chic Look

So you really want to take the Derby seriously? As long as you can carry itoff, here's a look to try. Gray tones always work well. Team your suit with a white waist coat, suspenders and black bow. If you like to experiment, try shades of white and black for your leather shoes.Toss on a hat and you're ready to make your statement.
Very Dapper Look

No, we didn't forget the pinstriped navy blue suit either. Usually worn forformal events, this style could be tweeked to suit your requirement. You wouldn't go wrong with a white shirt. Forget the tie and leave your collar button open for a more relaxed look. A pairof black leather shoes are perfect to complete your look.
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