Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Big Fat Indian Wedding...

Summer holidays are popular for long lazy beach vacations, cricket mania and 'Big Fat Indian Weddings'! Weddings being an elaborate affair, require much planning whether you're part of the bridal entourage or just a good friend. It's easy to get hassled with what to wear for the weeklong festivities including the grand reception. Add to it, the sizzling hot temperatures. And yes, you'd be in luck if it's an indoor venue.
The all time favourite for the main reception would have to be the saree. What's more, it's perfect to beat the heat as well. From sleevless blouses to spagetti straps, the saree manages to make ethnic very contemporary and sensous as well. Retro has made a comeback in 2012, so try opting for polka dots rather than the traditional heavy embroidery. Remember less is more and keep it simple for a change.

Yes guys, we know you have it tougher. Going traditional means full sleeve sherwanis with heavy embroidery work. While you cannot avoid the long sleeves, opt for fabrics which are comfortable and do not irritate the skin. Alternatively, try a pathani with loose satin pajamas. If you're wearing a suit, ensure it leaves plenty of room to breathe and is comfortable.
Coming to the part we love the most, SHOES. Women have a wide variety to explore here. From stone studded stilettos to elegant sandals, choose what matches your ensemble the best! Men can opt for the customary embroidered mojris or leather sandals. For western wear, try formal leather shoes..
It's never too late to get the right shoes for your newly designed trousseau. What's more, you can save a lot of time and energy from the tiring shopping in the sun. It all starts with a click. So log on, select and admire!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Having Fun with Colors!

You heard it right guys, COLOR! Now, before you start cringing; read a little further. It's the perfect timeto
re-invent your look. Hot summers demand lighter shades and it would be great for you to learn how to wear them. So move over, boring grays and blacks to make way for the brightest splash of the season. Don't worry, we'll make sure you carry it well.
The first thing you need to bear in mind while playing with color is that you don't need to ditch those denim jeans or hooded jackets. You probably just need to mix 'em with something else. Always, work with an overall balance to ensure you don't end up looking like a rainbow. In other words, if your shirt is bright, team it with a sober pant. Throw-in a jacket and trendy shoes; you're good to go.
When it comes to shoes, there's lots you could try. Unlike earlier where only women's footwear was bright, today even men can experiment with color. What's more, if leather is your thing, then you wouldn't have to compromise either. From deep reds to flashy yellows, be sure to add a dash of attitude.
From suave leather shoes to comfy boat shoes, we've got a whole range to select from. And it doesn't take time at all. While you sip-on a cup of coffee, log on and choose! It's that fast!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cool Breezers.... for Hot Summers :)

With temperatures soaring over the last few weeks and the peak of summer yet to arrive; it's time to ditch those closed shoes and opt for something more comfortable. Sandals are your best bet to beat the sweltering summer and also ensure your feet don't feel like a furnace. Moreover, it's about time you let your feet BREATHE! Guys, here's our style guide on how to and where to wear sandals!
The best part about sandals is that they're as easy to slip on as they are to take off. And did we mention super comfy? Sandals work well with jeans, chinos or even shorts. Since the maximum area of your feet is exposed to the air, you wouldn't have to worry of 'sweaty feet syndrome'. Moreover, you can surely say bye to those pair of socks. But, all sandals come with an advisory. If you're not a fan of pedicures, ensure you've trimmed your nails and have clean feet, as there isn't a bigger turnoff then dirty feet!
Sandals come in a wide variety of patterns, materials and colours. From quintessential black, chic camel to rugged khaki; choose your pick. Depending on the purpose; try suede, leather or synthetic materials. And instead of trying the regular rubber slippers, you can opt for the leather slippers.
Sandals at all costs must be avoided to work, unless you've got a casual dress code policy. So where else can you where them? For starters, the beach is the perfect place to wear sandals since they are easy to slip off. However, don't wear leather sandals to the beach. Sandals are also great to wear when you're chilling with the boys or indulging in a lazy Sunday brunch.
We've got an enviable range of sandals and slippers to choose from. Just logon, select and shop. It's that simple!