Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Love for Louboutins...

You can take away the shoes from a girl's closet but to take the love for shoes out of her heart? Let's not further that debate. In the time of political unrests, and war tearing nations apart and the concept of peace, evermore elusive, the banality of having a perfect pair is frowned upon, but that doesn't stop us! One should thank the inventor of these towering contraptions that make us oh so happy. Fashion icon penultimate and an obsessive shoe lover herself, Marilyn Monroe says that "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!" But before you put on your armour, out to conquer the proverbial world, you should know the kind of shoes that will be your strength! A look at the latest trends, my dears, if you please?

  • High heels! : Have you worn out your kitten heels down to the nubs my dear? Good! Now put them away and drool over these beauties, freshly out of heaven. Skyscraper heels range from the 3.5" to the oomph-injected 5". CAUTION: not for the weak hearted!

  • Shock ‘em: The season’s boon to every fashionista -  Colour blocking! Bright neon colours are the mantra of this season. So go ahead ladies! Put on a neon pink bootie with that cute mint green peplum skirt of yours!

  • French Tipped Toes: Who said that French tips could only grace the surfaces of your nails! One
    might sell their souls to Satan just to own one of these. Original Sin revisited Indeed!
  • Bling Bling : Remember the time when you were afraid of Bling? Well those times are long gone!
    Bling is hitting us right in the face. Fear no more, flaunt those killer pairs in style!

  • Mule me away! : The open toed classic is here to stay, and it's taking the fashion world by storm! One wouldn't complain walking a mile in these!

Think you need to upgrade your style to 2012? We've got some of the hottest trends to choose from.

What's more, you can do all this in the comfort of home. Just Log on and select. Thus, in keeping at par with the latest trends, here's wishing the city girl, lots of luck in her adventures in these shoes. May she conquer the world at last!