Saturday, 27 December 2014

Are you ready for the New Year Bash?

2015 is almost here and everyone of us is in the party mode. New Year eves never go empty handed whatever the plan maybe. Some spend it with family and friends when others are out there enjoying the noise and crowd at clubs. Also, a perfect time to spend with that special one <3

If you are all set with your party plans, then how about picking a look for it with our fashion experts.

Here are some of the Party look trends; we are totally digging for 2015 eve this year!!

Night Out with Friends

Opting to explore every club and pub in town with your Gang of boys or girls? Then go for this semi-formal look and sparkling look.

For boys -

Team a casual button-up shirt with semi-formal blazer, cotton trousers and lace-up brogues for a charming yet comfortable look.

For girls -
Pick the most shimmering piece of your cocktail dress collection and team it with a nude or black pair of leg coverings and top it with stiletto boots.
Image Source : pinterest

In-house New Year Blast

For craziest and full of fun New Year bashes that go along with no worries, there is nothing like an in-house party with your friends. Try something peppy yet casual for it!

For boys -
Add come colors to interiors with this fusion bow tie look in colored trousers, semi-formal jacket and sneaker boots.

For girls -
Pump up its style by teaming your checkered shirt with a knitted cardigan, a chunky necklace and knee-length boots for extra fashion quotient.
Image Source : pinterest

Coupled up for the eve

For those who have finally stolen that perfectly romantic evening with their loved ones on this New Year eve, put on the autumn colors.

For boys -

Go for a three piece outfit including a casual shirt, sleeveless sweater and a long coat. Complete the look with formal pants and a pair of suede boots.

For girls -
Include some scarves in your looks teamed up with cardigan tops, dark denims and a pair of cowboy boots. Accessorize with handbag and designer watch.
Image Source : pinterest

At the VIP Lounge

If beginning 2015 with VIP gate pass to the happening lounge parties in town, then add the chic factor to your looks.

For boys -
Try some velvets or silk in your winter layers with a formal party blazer, formal pants and a sleek pair of formal lace-up shoes.

For girls -

Stun the crowd with this chic vintage look that includes a mid length pleated skirt teamed with a front-open tucked in pullover and pointed pumps.
Image Source : pinterest

Back at the office party

Stuck at the office party for this New Year? Worry not as some exquisite style is enough to elevate your mood.

For boys -

Try a combination of funky and vintage at this year's party with a checkered cotton blazer, teamed with contrasting trousers and formal loafers.

For girls -

Team that usual formal skirt with a contrasting blazer and frill top, combined with the grace of designer watch, statement earrings and pair of pointed pumps.
Image Source : pinterest

Dancing the night off

For those whose idea of a party is dancing the night off, the club and comfort is already booked. Pick a classy yet hassle free style statement for the evening.

For boys -

Team up a hoodie tee with a vintage sleeveless sweater along with skinny cotton trousers and a complementing pair of sneakers.

For girls -
Glam-up with the charm of leather through a 3-4th leather jacket and pants. Accessorize the look with a sling bag and contrasting pair of pumps.
Image Source : pinterest

Family Time

There is no better time to spend a warm evening with your family than New Year. Steal this special stay-in evening with your loved ones with a cozy style statement.

For boys -
Make your Grandma happy by putting on her presented knitted sweater. Make the look glamorous with a button-up shirt, denims and lace-ups.

For girls -

Team your rugged pair of jeans with a poncho sweater or shrug. Complete the look with a cap, over coat and sneaker boots.
Image Source : pinterest
Let 2015 arrive in style!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

7 Reasons to fall in love with leather!

Leather is topping the Hot List this winter!!
Right from runways to celebrity closets, there is an immense love for the sheer glamour of leather. One thing that winter brings along and is always worth looking forward is the leather trend. From slim fit cocktail dresses to rockstar leather jackets, accessories, leather pants and the most stylish and versatile range of footwear. It gives you the chance of making any look effortlessly chic, in one go. Enter this leather league with the style statement of these superb Fashionistas.
Image Source : pinterest
Here is your list of excuses to add more and more of leather to your wardrobe this winter!

1. Nothing speaks hot like leather does

If something defines the true meaning of fitted clothing, it is leather! If you like to go for outfits that reveal the true you in the hottest of ways then it is your mate. Right from slim fit cocktail dresses, waist defining belts and totally stunning pants, each one of it is simply irresistible.

2. From hot to cool for the best of casual looks

Speaking of hot? If leather cocktail dresses, shorts and skirts convey that ravishingly hot appeal then the cool is also not behind. Coolest piece of clothing in winters come right in the form of leather jackets and trust it when we say that you will not find more designs in jackets as are available in leather.

3. Smarter way of flaunting slim legs

Being too skinny need not always be to your advantage unless you own some sizzling leather pants and harems in your closet. Those slim legs look the sexiest when flaunted in the glossy fitted looks of leather. The fact that follows is that these pants are ‘no more’ - just in black!

4. Dream come true for “Black” lovers

Who says LBDs are the most stylish face of Black? Here is leather with its style brigade to prove them wrong. Black has never looked more stunning and attractive as it does in leather. If you are crazy for black, then this is the trend to get your hands on.

5. Endless glamorous way to include them in your looks

Talk about its versatility, then no material is so flexible to fit every accessory and clothing that might want to include in your looks. Belts, handbags, bracelets, jackets, pants, dresses, shorts, shoes….need we say more? All this with the undisputed glam factor attached to it.

6. Just a layer of leather & winter chill is gone in style

Forget about putting-on those exhausting and uncanny winter layers when just a touch of leather is all you need to beat the winter chills. Stay light and fashionable this season, with different styles of leather jackets and boots in your closet.

7. Any doubts on the range of Leather Footwear?

When you hear the name of leather along with any footwear, there is this element of trust and satisfaction that comes along. But it’s not just about quality but the exceptional range and style that it brings along. If you are a true footwear freak then this one is inevitable!

Monday, 24 November 2014

10 Must-Have Boot Styles for This Winter

This winter...Let Your Boots Do the Talking!

Finally winters are here and we already love the chills and thrills that has lead us to the sexier corner of our wardrobe. Yes, it is indeed the winter wear!

Those hoodies, cool sweatshirts, overcoats, fur jackets, stoles and what not. Every piece more stylish than the other, but nothing beats the effortless fashion of Boots.

Get ready to take these winters, to the next level of hot with the amazing style statement of your boots. From 1 to 10, here is the ultimate list of looks you must try with your boots this season!
1. High Ankle Spool Heel Boots
Flaunt the high ankles by giving those denims a double fold. A summer look turned even cooler when teamed with boots. Indeed a perfect look for casual outings, hangouts and shopping sessions.
2. Knee- Length Suede Boots
Bring the winter romance in your looks too with knee-length leather boots. A charmer’s pair that look the best when teamed with cardigans and knitted designs. Up for a December date? Then this is the style to go for!
3. Stiletto Boots
Party on your mind? Then add the glamorous combination of stilettos and boots to your looks. This is a match made in heaven for all your glamorous chic jackets and cocktail dresses.
Image Source : pinterest
4. High Ankle Platform Boots
If “Girl next door” is always your favourite look, then add the boot charm to that cosiness with a pair of high ankle platform boots. Feel free to team all your jeggings, over sized pullovers and loose tees with this one.
5. Spool Heel Boots
Corporate hours cannot steal your love for boots, when you got these babies in your collection. With just a pair of spool heel leather boots in those feet, you will be all set to rock that board room.
6. Kitten Heel Peep-toe Boots
For ladies always on the go, here is a bonus style. Now, buckle up your peep-toes – ‘the boot way’ with these kitten heel peep-toe boots. Best match for your travelling looks and gear.
7. In-trend UGG Boots
Go for the sexy combination of style and comfort with the all new trend of UGG boots. Melt in their softness while enjoying the ice cold fashion. For your next trip to hills, this is all the footwear you need!
Image Source : pinterest
8. Peter Pan Flat Boots
If you own a closet full of fitted trousers, leather pants and jeans, then this one is for you. Make your way to the peter pan flat boots in extra loose fitting to give additional breathing space to those hot legs.

9. Sneaker Boots
Make you college campus, a fashion runway by teaming your cool and happening looks with more so stunning sneaker boots. Right from the rugged jeans collection to high necks, leather jackets and winter shorts looks, all will go perfectly with this one.

10. Wedge Heel Boots
Can’t resist wearing dresses even in winters? Then don’t forget to style’em up in the winter treaty with an adorable pair of wedge heel boots. Whether it’s flairy or fitted, just these wedges with some over coats and you are good to go.
Image Source : pinterest

Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Reasons to Make High Heels Your Best Friend

Love for footwear shopping starts with the little joy of getting into a whole new look by just putting on a fresh pair. Maybe, that is the reason that we can barely resist ourselves from buying a new one whenever we are out shopping. For those, who have a closet full of new trends in footwear, it might be hard to resist heels even if you are not very comfortable in them.

But, still many of us are not very keen with the idea of bringing heels in our daily wear. Some are hesitant as how they would look in them, rest are reluctant as they fear to trip in them or will have to bear the pain that some designs might bring. However, being a woman you got to carry yourself in numerous styles and attires. And if you think, that something was always missing from your past looks than here are the 5 reasons that shout out loud....HEELS.

1. Lends Height

Let’s start with the obvious. Heels give you an instant height elevation, which is not only a boon for your overall appeal and confidence but also plays a great deal in enhancing the charm of your ethnic wear as well as cocktail dresses. Additional height is surely a plus for the ones that are little low in inches. Even if you are tall enough, it is always great to get an extra inch of boost that keeps you noticeable among the crowd.

2. Improves Posture

Another major advantage that heels come with is improving your posture. It makes you draw attention towards how you walk, thus you keep your back straight to complement the grace that pair lends you. You immediately look longer and leaner making those legs look even sexier. Not only they make them more glamorous but also add more strength to the lower half through improved walking style.

3. Highly Versatile

It wouldn't be wrong to say that high heels are undoubtedly the most versatile and experimented piece of fashion, we have today. Stilettos, wedges, kitten, ankle strap, cones, corks, mules, platforms, spool, block and many more such types of heels are available in numerous styles and brands. Be it boots, sandals, slippers, shoes or ballerinas...just add a pair of high heels to it and you get to enjoy a glamorous look in the blink of an eye.

4. Confidence Booster

Modern day corporate women would understand how difficult it is to quench their need for fashion when they have to don boring formals everyday. A stunning pair of high heels means the most to them than anybody else. Not only do they get to add more style to their monotonous corporate wear, but it also lends them an instant confidence boost. When you look good and poised, it helps you draw more attention along with adding a focal point to your attire.

5. Makes Everyday High on Fashion

Whether you are a college student or working women, it is never easy to take out those extra hours in the morning just to attain a perfect look. But, with a stunning pair of stilettos or wedge heels you can make even a pair of simple jeans or dress, look more stylish and alluring. Keep aside the day, festival or occasion, whenever you feel like revolutionizing an ensemble, just pick your favorite style of heels and you are all set to rock!

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