Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Reasons to Make High Heels Your Best Friend

Love for footwear shopping starts with the little joy of getting into a whole new look by just putting on a fresh pair. Maybe, that is the reason that we can barely resist ourselves from buying a new one whenever we are out shopping. For those, who have a closet full of new trends in footwear, it might be hard to resist heels even if you are not very comfortable in them.

But, still many of us are not very keen with the idea of bringing heels in our daily wear. Some are hesitant as how they would look in them, rest are reluctant as they fear to trip in them or will have to bear the pain that some designs might bring. However, being a woman you got to carry yourself in numerous styles and attires. And if you think, that something was always missing from your past looks than here are the 5 reasons that shout out loud....HEELS.

1. Lends Height

Let’s start with the obvious. Heels give you an instant height elevation, which is not only a boon for your overall appeal and confidence but also plays a great deal in enhancing the charm of your ethnic wear as well as cocktail dresses. Additional height is surely a plus for the ones that are little low in inches. Even if you are tall enough, it is always great to get an extra inch of boost that keeps you noticeable among the crowd.

2. Improves Posture

Another major advantage that heels come with is improving your posture. It makes you draw attention towards how you walk, thus you keep your back straight to complement the grace that pair lends you. You immediately look longer and leaner making those legs look even sexier. Not only they make them more glamorous but also add more strength to the lower half through improved walking style.

3. Highly Versatile

It wouldn't be wrong to say that high heels are undoubtedly the most versatile and experimented piece of fashion, we have today. Stilettos, wedges, kitten, ankle strap, cones, corks, mules, platforms, spool, block and many more such types of heels are available in numerous styles and brands. Be it boots, sandals, slippers, shoes or ballerinas...just add a pair of high heels to it and you get to enjoy a glamorous look in the blink of an eye.

4. Confidence Booster

Modern day corporate women would understand how difficult it is to quench their need for fashion when they have to don boring formals everyday. A stunning pair of high heels means the most to them than anybody else. Not only do they get to add more style to their monotonous corporate wear, but it also lends them an instant confidence boost. When you look good and poised, it helps you draw more attention along with adding a focal point to your attire.

5. Makes Everyday High on Fashion

Whether you are a college student or working women, it is never easy to take out those extra hours in the morning just to attain a perfect look. But, with a stunning pair of stilettos or wedge heels you can make even a pair of simple jeans or dress, look more stylish and alluring. Keep aside the day, festival or occasion, whenever you feel like revolutionizing an ensemble, just pick your favorite style of heels and you are all set to rock!

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