Tuesday, 2 December 2014

7 Reasons to fall in love with leather!

Leather is topping the Hot List this winter!!
Right from runways to celebrity closets, there is an immense love for the sheer glamour of leather. One thing that winter brings along and is always worth looking forward is the leather trend. From slim fit cocktail dresses to rockstar leather jackets, accessories, leather pants and the most stylish and versatile range of footwear. It gives you the chance of making any look effortlessly chic, in one go. Enter this leather league with the style statement of these superb Fashionistas.
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Here is your list of excuses to add more and more of leather to your wardrobe this winter!

1. Nothing speaks hot like leather does

If something defines the true meaning of fitted clothing, it is leather! If you like to go for outfits that reveal the true you in the hottest of ways then it is your mate. Right from slim fit cocktail dresses, waist defining belts and totally stunning pants, each one of it is simply irresistible.

2. From hot to cool for the best of casual looks

Speaking of hot? If leather cocktail dresses, shorts and skirts convey that ravishingly hot appeal then the cool is also not behind. Coolest piece of clothing in winters come right in the form of leather jackets and trust it when we say that you will not find more designs in jackets as are available in leather.

3. Smarter way of flaunting slim legs

Being too skinny need not always be to your advantage unless you own some sizzling leather pants and harems in your closet. Those slim legs look the sexiest when flaunted in the glossy fitted looks of leather. The fact that follows is that these pants are ‘no more’ - just in black!

4. Dream come true for “Black” lovers

Who says LBDs are the most stylish face of Black? Here is leather with its style brigade to prove them wrong. Black has never looked more stunning and attractive as it does in leather. If you are crazy for black, then this is the trend to get your hands on.

5. Endless glamorous way to include them in your looks

Talk about its versatility, then no material is so flexible to fit every accessory and clothing that might want to include in your looks. Belts, handbags, bracelets, jackets, pants, dresses, shorts, shoes….need we say more? All this with the undisputed glam factor attached to it.

6. Just a layer of leather & winter chill is gone in style

Forget about putting-on those exhausting and uncanny winter layers when just a touch of leather is all you need to beat the winter chills. Stay light and fashionable this season, with different styles of leather jackets and boots in your closet.

7. Any doubts on the range of Leather Footwear?

When you hear the name of leather along with any footwear, there is this element of trust and satisfaction that comes along. But it’s not just about quality but the exceptional range and style that it brings along. If you are a true footwear freak then this one is inevitable!


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