Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Confession of a Heelaholic

What's the one phrase that will make a woman’s eye
sparkle with joy? You must think an "I love you" from her
childhood crush, but then love doesn't come with a
guarantee to make you smile. Most men think that women
dream of meeting their prince charming but what they
really dream of is a closet full of little wonders called shoes.
Shoes, in all its glorious shapes and forms, can steal a girl's
heart a zillion times within a few seconds.

It's like a match made in heaven so perfect that you can hardly see a woman complaining about her newly purchased high heels. Without a single text, it makes you feel on top of the world and makes you capable of walking on the roughest of roads with a smile. A pair of Heels makes you feel confident and carries you even when the road ahead is rough.

So, at times you really need special shoes to make the walk a little more fun just like Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. A self- confessed shoe lover in the series, her shoe closet is every girl’s fantasy. And, it is indeed a lot more fun to watch the world from a height and a little piece of magic that works for all.

How many times have these gorgeous accessories saved you from making a fashion blunder? It would have happened more than once when your shoes may have worked its charm and made you look fabulous in a soiree even when you’re hardly ready for it. After all, who can disagree with the legendary Coco Channel who believed that ‘a woman with good shoes is never ugly’? A woman known for her sheer style knows how shoes add fuel to the burning passion of achieving a dream.

Whether you’re a professional, freelancer, a stay-at-home mom or a student, high heel is what you
need, to take the road you’ve always wanted to but never dared to. Wear a pair and go for that audition you’ve always wanted to or for the meeting you’ve always avoided because of your fear of being rejected. With perfect confidence, anything is possible. You just need to take the first step, pump up your confidence and see the world from a height.  The view from the top is always amazing so dare to take the chance.

A female with good shoes has it all- elegance, confidence, dream, and style. So if you think you’re not being appreciated, get something that does. Get yourself a brand new pair of shoes and watch the
transformation yourself. Love may come and go but what truly stays loyal to your side is your favorite pair of awesome shoes.

 “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Top Women Footwear Trends of The 2015

With the development of e-commerce stores, high global travels and investment of international brands in Indian market, the trends of footwear have experienced several changes. Now the Indians have become highly conscious for their footwear as well like they were for the apparels. Customers now look for the pair which accentuates the overall appearance and compliments well with their clothing. Here, are some Hit Footwear Trends of 2015:

The Ballerinas- Past few years of footwear trend had high popularity of pointy-toe flats but the contemporary fashion is witnessing come back of the round-toe ballerinas. Although the fashion of ballerinas has never gone out of the fashion race but now it is highly admired and brought by the fashionable ladies. 

The Heels- Come closer to the heaven this year as the trend of the season is the Heels. This one will bring drastic change in your overall looks and define your attitude at its best. From simple jeans & top to ethnic wear, western dresses etc., you can count on the mesmerizing appearance of this one and carry with several attires.

The Wedges- For the women who want to look tall but cannot easily balance themselves in the heels, this one is designed. The wedges are the most admiring as well as demanding trend of this year, from shorts, to jeans and one piece; it can be carried with various clothes to look amazing. 

Over The Knee Boots- Instead of regular ankle length boots, this year the trend is of knee length boots. Pair this one with stunning slim fit jeans and be the fashion paradigm of your friends circle and colony as well. 

The Granny Boots-Those who are not open for four-inch heels but want witchy and bold look can go for this pair. Club this one with the broomstick skirt of black color or any stylish bold jeans to make your style statement, subtly.

The Puffy Sneakers- Gone are the days when only men were wearing shoes, now girls too want cool and comfort look, which is the reason behind rising demands of Sneakers. Initially, lots of people were not ready for this trend but to care the feet and give them high comfort they are now buying this kind of footwear pair. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

5 Ways to Add Red to this Valentine!

One day of the year when wearing RED looks trendier than ever is the V-day!

When love is in the air, nothing looks more romantic than a charming red in your wardrobe.

And what better way to complement the glamour of red than some sizzling RED HOT HEELS!

Here’s to the love of red heels! Five special valentine looks to let you highlight them in a classier way…

1. When keeping valentines a business affair, then go for a sharp yet soothing look combining your corporate wear with a georgette top.
Image Source : pinterest

2. Finally out on a date with him and feeling completely romantic on the valentine, then add some frills and pleats to your attire.
Image Source : pinterest

3. Add your flirty touch to the much awaited date with a fitted dress in contrasting dull shades or monochromic combination.
Image Source : pinterest

4. Let the blush of that first date reflect in your looks with a button up red top and classic black pants to go along.
Image Source : pinterest

5. Spending the V-day with your gang of girls, then it's time for those rugged denims paired with some low-necks and off-shoulders.
Image Source : pinterest