Monday, 14 March 2016

Footwear Trend Prophesy for Spring Summer 2016

Be a footwear connoisseur or a footwear faux pas this summer! As we have already entered into the season of soaring afternoons and soothing evenings, vivacious colors and revealing clothes, most of you must have been thinking about to update your fashion diary in order to keep the latest summer fashion in. This will also guide you to what to wear and what to not in this season. So follow this blog and look superbly cool in not-so-cool season.

It would be hot outside soon, so think like a designer and choose that will keep you cool in going-to-be toasty weather. After deep analysis and meticulous study on the latest footwear trend, we come up with some predictions for the hottest footwear trends that may rule this season.

Color – a plush of funky flush

A splash of colors will be seen in the shoes, make some space for the funky and loud shades for shoes this summer. So, be ready to revamp your style statement with some incredible and remarkable colors and patterns that would add some elements to your personality. A tint of fluorescent colors would work.

Block heels – unblock your style with unusual and unbelievable

Image Source : Aliexpress
This summer, block heels would probably one of the biggest Summer trends to unblock your fashion with unusual and unbelievable heels. Adorn them with the semi-formal wear or with formal wear, these blocks would never let you down. So all men out there, be ready to be in blocks this summer.

Spiky pattern – to add an extra element to your style

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Welcome new patterns and spiky patterns on shoes for men. These patterns would describe your personality well and would give your personality an edge with its unique and unusual look.

Floral print –  a dash of floral print with LED base for men

Image Source : Aliexpress
A tint of floral print for men would go this summer. Whether it is a semi-formal or casual, pull your socks up for floral printed men’s sneakers, shoes or even canvas. Vibrant colors and vivacious LED base in shoes would certainly accentuate your style.

Last words to share

Don’t let your shoes go unadorned, put some life to your shoes with these aforementioned elements. Apart from this, let the season unveil the right look for summer and let the fashionistas set the fashion trend in casual and formal shoes for men.

Whatsoever it would, the real trend for men shoes would only be unveiled when the fashion forward people would start adorning their feet.

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  1. After deep analysis and meticulous study on the latest footwear trend