Thursday, 9 June 2016

Shoes to Wear with Grey Formal Suit

Men's formal shoes

Grey has many shades and tones, and when it comes to pairing it up some classy formal shoes for men, most of you style it up with dark black formal shoes. Since black is a versatile shade that go well with any kind of style and shade. However, this is not the right practice to make as the fashion world has stepped up the level and when the bar is raised, you shouldn’t pull it down with your monotonous design and color of the shoes. To be revealed with the right styles of men’s shoes that would add an edge to your style and elevate your fashion quotient, you must go through this blog. This blog contains ample of information on the formal shoes for men and the different styles that go hand in hand.

Burgundy Brogue Shoes for Men

Brogue shoes for men

Brogue shoes look exceptionally cool and graceful at the same time, so when you are up for any official events or for corporate meetings, black brogues look cool with your metallic grey formal suit. If you are not apprehensive getting into the shades of red, then what would be more reliable than adorning burgundy. Adorn black or your favorite burgundy from red color family with your crispy and classy grey suit to stand out of a crowd.

Black Derby Shoes for Men

Men's Derby shoes

Derby shoes complete your formal look with its elegant style and sophisticated design pattern. These men’s shoes are quite high at its comfort and equally dashing with its designs, so pair them up with your dark grey suit to accentuate your style. To top it, don navy blue derby shoes for men as navy blue color add some element to your overall style.

Tan/ Brown Oxford Shoes for Men

Oxford shoes for men

Oxford shoes are quite sophisticated and would be better to call it PERFECT when it comes to formal style up. These oxford shoes are impeccable choice for formal as they are highly stylish, classy and sophisticatedly elegant. So be it a tan or brown oxford shoes, these earthy colors adds a dash of style to your personal style. These highly elegant shoes elevate your formal look at corporate events. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be in oxford when it comes to formal shoes.


In a nutshell, choose the color and style that you think would suit you best. Whatever your style be, make sure to adorn the color that compliment your suit’s color. In case you find yourself in the middle of nowhere when buying men’s formal shoes, take online store help in order to put your hands on the right formal shoes at right price.


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