Sunday, 24 December 2017

Men’s Formal Shoes – From Leather to Synthetic

If you ask you grandfather what kind of formal shoes he would prefer even today. The answer would be mens formal shoes made out of genuine leather. Why leather and not any other manmade material? Well, when you ask the oldies, they will give you a straight answer. They are comfortable and last for a long time. In the late 1950s, leather was primarily used in the manufacture of shoes, but in the late 2000s, leather started getting expensive and paved the way for synthetic leather or artificial leather.

The benefits of artificial leather or synthetic leather are immense. You will find that even the best formal shoes are now made out of artificial leather. On the cost front, there is a stark difference between the two materials – the leather one being the most expensive counterpart. Formal shoes for men can be bought online these days and you may not even be bothered about the material as synthetic material too gives the finesse like genuine leather. Most formal shoes that are made out of leather are slightly heavy as compared with the synthetic cousins. With heavy shoes, you generally tend to be a bit sluggish and you literally drag your feet during long walks. Seeing all these drawbacks of leather formal shoes, entrepreneurs came up with the synthetic shoes.

When you stand or walk for long hours, you expose yourself to the risk of foot pain and fatigue. In extreme cases, you may also land up having planter fasciitis – an advanced form of leg pain. So, the material of the formal men’s shoes should not matter a lot, but comfort surely matters the most.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Orthopedic Comfort – Shoes that Provide Relief

When was the last time you bought a pair of casual shoes? Did the shoes give you comfort or discomfort? By and large, most casual shoes will provide you total comfort when you wear them, but there are some cheap casual shoes for men that give more discomfort than comfort.

Let’s take an example, you search for canvas shoes for men on a local search engine and you find thousands of websites selling canvas shoes. You than click the top five websites on the search page and delve into the shopping experience, even without reading reviews at times. The colour and style of the shoes may influence your buying decision in a big way, but these characteristics are not sufficient. Comfort is also something that you should be looking at when you are buying shoes, especially the casual ones.

There are thousands of Orthopedic Comfort Casual Shoes for men that are really popular these days. After trying one, you will feel that you have been simply wasting money on buying the regular shoes. What are these orthopedic comfort shoes? Why are they so comfortable? The answer lies in the padding on the inner sole. When you have a closer examination of these shoes, you will find that they have an extra layer of cushioning that helps in absorbing shocks. Although canvas shoes for men may not be available in orthopedic options, you may want to switch over to a more casual appearance.
Casual shoes, whether orthopedic or regular, need to provide comfort even when you wear them for longer durations of time. This is the key essence that you need to look out in casual shoes for men.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Let Summers Arrive In Style

Well, it's time when we say goodbye to our beloved boots and those amazingly stylish winter layers and welcome the no-filter summers. As tempting he thought of getting into our sleeveless junkies and flip-flops might be, but we all agree that no men footwear style can match the grace of boots.

Don't get disheartened as we are here with substitutes that are just as good. This summer, don't stay short on style as we give you three amazing footwear styles that will give you major summer style goals.


In contradiction to what this word actually means in Hindi, loafers are actually the gentlemen shoes. Crafted with fineness of leather or suede, this elegant pair is the one to team with your semi-formal looks or to add more panache to your formal avatar. The gleaming finish and fine craftsmanship of men's loafers is also perfect to complement your tailored possessions. Enjoy their classic colours in summers with just a footliner instead of the usual & boring socks.


Stop tip-toeing around showrooms and get yourself the perfect active hour's style partner in form of a pair of sneakers. Whether you are looking to style those trendy denim looks or just your everyday casual vibes to college or hangouts, different variety and colours of these lightweight sneakers online will get the job done for you. Trendify their looks even further by teaming funkier shoe lace with them.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are your perfect blend of both worlds. Yes, this one pair will get your summer closet sorted just like that. From funky prints, colour-block patterns to classic solids, Canvas are the way to go when styling your colourful and peppy summer wear and of course, nothing like the charm of those perfect White ones.

Well, there you have your perfect summer shoe wardrobe. Now, leave behind the boot sulking and get ready to enjoy the amazing weather!!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Your Guide to Shopping Men Shoes Online

Denying that retail shopping for shoes is a great experience, is not reasonable. But, we also cannot deny the endless advantages buying shoes online brings along. Everyone loves saving time and money while shopping and nothing like the charm of sitting at home sipping coffee on the side while you buy that suede leather classic in just a click! Well, if you still feel that online experience doesn’t match to touching and feeling the shoes before buying, then few of these hacks will surely help you change your perception. Here’s your ultimate guide to buying shoes online in the most fruitful manner.

Measure measure measure…

Yes, the first and most important thing that can go wrong while shopping shoes online is your size. Make sure you take an inchie tape and measure around your feet for your latest exact size to avoid such a situation.

Dig into the size chart

Every brand has their own standard sizes, which is true in case of retail stores too. So, no matter how sure you are of your size, do refer to any online shoe store’s own size chart before indulging into any purchase. 

Be sure of your choice

It’s easier to get lost in the endless options that online shoes shopping give you. Thus, it’s better to be sorted on your choice beforehand. If sports shoes are what you need, then use the category navigation on websites and land directly on their sports shoes for men section!

Don’t skim through…read!

One very common mistake we make during online shopping is not reading through the information properly. Since, you are not accessible to touching or feeling the product, make up for it by reading about its material, colour and manufacturing properly.

Know the return policies 

Buying casual shoes for men or any other product from a reliable online store with proper precautions will eliminate this step for you to a great extent. But, it’s good to be sure about the return policies and the assistance that store’s team can provide you to remove any further hesitance from your side.
Here’s wishing you a great online shopping experience!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Take your Style Game up With Boots

When we talk about fashion, it almost seems unfair for men when they have to don the same old denims or pants with their tees and shirts. As much joyous and exciting dressing-up seems to women, just as plain and boring it gets for men owing to the lack of options. The boredom doesn’t end here as the monotony of clothing styles descend upon the style of shoes too that get restricted to the limited men clothing trends available.

Breaking this monotony doesn’t need to go overboard on experiments as transforming boredom is just a matter of right pick of boots online for men.Yes, you read that right! A right pair of boots can give you that much wanted break from the usual and boring clothing hanging in your wardrobe. Men boot styles, mostly is winters comes as a fresh breath of air that spark-up a new fashion life into your looks just like that. Whether it’s the leathery high ankle ones or the classic lace stylers, nothing speaks trend better than a freshly arrived pair of men boots.

If you feel limited by the option of boots and shoes in your closet, then it’s time to head for online shoes shopping in India . A perfect way to leave the dilemma behind and choose your kind of fashion! Explore what suits you the best from thousands of trendy options. Don’t just level-up your style game for winters but make your year-long looks worth a head-turn by teaming it with that perfect pair of men boots.