Sunday, 24 December 2017

Men’s Formal Shoes – From Leather to Synthetic

If you ask you grandfather what kind of formal shoes he would prefer even today. The answer would be mens formal shoes made out of genuine leather. Why leather and not any other manmade material? Well, when you ask the oldies, they will give you a straight answer. They are comfortable and last for a long time. In the late 1950s, leather was primarily used in the manufacture of shoes, but in the late 2000s, leather started getting expensive and paved the way for synthetic leather or artificial leather.

The benefits of artificial leather or synthetic leather are immense. You will find that even the best formal shoes are now made out of artificial leather. On the cost front, there is a stark difference between the two materials – the leather one being the most expensive counterpart. Formal shoes for men can be bought online these days and you may not even be bothered about the material as synthetic material too gives the finesse like genuine leather. Most formal shoes that are made out of leather are slightly heavy as compared with the synthetic cousins. With heavy shoes, you generally tend to be a bit sluggish and you literally drag your feet during long walks. Seeing all these drawbacks of leather formal shoes, entrepreneurs came up with the synthetic shoes.

When you stand or walk for long hours, you expose yourself to the risk of foot pain and fatigue. In extreme cases, you may also land up having planter fasciitis – an advanced form of leg pain. So, the material of the formal men’s shoes should not matter a lot, but comfort surely matters the most.


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