Thursday, 15 November 2018

Go Bold with These Trendsetting Sports Shoes for Men

Whether you are average guy running to shed those extra pounds or professional runner preparing for year's next marathon, importance of finding right pair of sports shoes remains same. Wearing shoes with wrong fit or design will not only negatively impact your health but also drain your energy to extent that can distract you from your goals. While options are endless, we’ve shortlisted few high-performance and uber comfortable sports shoes that won't just reduce impact on your body but also look stylish.

Sparx Men Sports Running Shoes 

Ideal for light gym workouts, this pair of sports shoes by Sparx is designed using breathable and durable upper in striking color that works well for casual performance and style. flexible midsole is shock absorbing and lightweight that adds more stability and grip for outdoor activities such as morning walk, light running or casual sports sessions with friends.

Bata Navy Orange Sports Running Shoes

Runners will be pleased with this bold design that can help run faster and further. Lightweight, breathable and durable - this one is sure to impress even most dainty runner. But despite all of its features, shoe boasts subtle, yet eye-popping aesthetics that is sure to make you stand out from rest, both on and off field.

Lakhani Pace Energy Sports Running Shoes

Lakhani has come up with new designs that are created to satisfy everyone from enthusiastic hikers to competitive road runners. This shoe is all about balance. While mesh upper checks breathability factor, long-lasting rubber overlay promises to eliminate soreness and blisters. Apart from being high-performance and stylish, this is one of best-priced under sports shoes for men at Fashos.

Lancer White  Blue Sports Running Shoes

According to our data, Lancer's White and Blue Running Shoes are best selling shoes for men online, and credit goes to versatility that this shoe provides. Seamless design with high level of cushioning and flexible midsole, this one is ideal for both short and long trail runs. If you place high priority on aesthetics, this could be just right pick to push your style statement to new limits.

Add spark to your daily workouts, or simply upgrade your wardrobe with these hot-selling sports shoes for men. Just like right shoe defines one’s personality, comfortable shoes go long way in helping you achieve your goals while maintaining good health. type of running you plan or terrain you choose to do most of your training can help you find right style of running shoe. To buy sports shoesonline click here and browse complete catalog.

Friday, 10 August 2018

5 Casual Shoes You Need Right Now in Your Wardrobe

In case you've been living under a rock, casual shoes have come a long way. They aren't just a regular pair of shoes that you wear to visit a nearby mall for grocery shopping. Today's range of casual shoes come in a variety of options, styles, and designs that are suitable for all occasions - whether a business meeting, a high tea party or a seminar where you may be a guest speaker. Yes, if you know how to pick the right pair of casual shoes for men, you can make a style statement everywhere you go, without shelving the dress code.

Keep scrolling through our guide below to see 5 best casual shoes for men online that you must have it in your wardrobe this season.

Tan Loafers

If you don’t already own a smart pair of tan loafers, it’s time to add one to your everyday collection. Simple and sophisticated, these slip-on and lace-less shoes give you limitless styling options for various occasions. While it’s true, versatility works for smart summer attires, they’re best used to add polish and panache to casual looks. Think a summer basic t-shirt and light-colored cotton chinos or tailored shorts.

Slip On Canvas

Add vibrancy and breathless style to your collection with these cool, comfortable and versatile canvas kicks. A common approach to buying these casual shoes for men online is to stick to a style that's low-profile with a fashionable edge. Go for canvas shoes in neutral shades to add to the summer vibe and match them with slim denim, and pastel t-shirt with open plaid shirt.


Give your wardrobe a high fashion turn with these coolest shoes of the season. Low heel and versatile, mule shoes have become a statement piece in the luxury domain and we think you must join the trend. Blend comfort and style by pairing it with skinny jeans, casual shirt and matching accessories.

Bold Trainers

Minimalist styles are everyone's favorite, but what about chunky, bold trainers? These kicks with larger than life appeal will definitely help you steal the limelight. Do this chunky trend right by pairing it with slim selvedge jeans, flannel shirt, and a bomber jacket.

Go Prints

While sneakers have been here for a while, printed designs are now a stronger trend and you can easily find one for every vibe. Boasting a smooth blend of contemporary and cool, these kicks are perfect for the everyday easy going vibe. Even though these printed black sneakers are very versatile, you need to be very careful with your outfit choices. Neutral shades work the best with these cool kicks.

If you've been spotting these cool casual shoes for men online but don't know where to buy them, fret not, we have you covered here. All of these designs are popular because of their style and comfort, and it’s time you have them in your closet too. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Buying Guide: Formal Shoes that Speak your Language

Shoes maketh the man - over and over again we have been introduced to this statement to emphasize the significance of having a good pair of shoes, for all occasions. But one thing that no one talks about is how important it is to choose a pair of shoes that not just complement your style, but speak your language. All humans are made different. Each individual exudes a different aura when he or she enters a room. So why not look for a pair of shoes that can tell your story even before you had started.


“It’s Rigid and Formal”

If that’ your personality type, Oxfords can be your best friends for life. Oxfords are plain leather shoes with low heel and closed lacing system.These are suitable for those who like to keep it simple while making a statement. These are comfortable to wear allowing you to wear them in the most formal occasions, like a black-tie event. It also makes a good choice for special occasions.


“Always Fun and Casual”

If your default style is casual with versatility, you should add Derby to your footwear arsenal. They're multifunctional and can slot into almost all kinds of dressing. You can find Derbies done up in all kinds of colours - a classic black, chocolate brown and oxblood. Derby shoes feature an open lacing system and the eyelet tabs are left loose that make them slightly more relaxed and comfortable compared to Oxfords.


“Inherently Elegant yet Relaxed”

Originally designed in Scotland, Brogues are considered more suitable for those who work outdoors thanks to their unique perforations. Brogues come in three different variants - full brogue, half brogue and quarter brogue. The versatility of the shoe means that it goes with various outfits. In fact, the classic black brogue can even be worn with business attire or a two-piece suit. You can buy these formal shoes onlineindia here.

Monk Strap

“Little more laid back, but absolutely durable”

Monk strap shoes may not always have been one of the most preferable shoes under formal shoes for men category, but today have become the most sought after pick for a gentleman who prefers creative textures, patterns, and colors without being too fussy. If you are someone who likes to make a statement appearance without having to put a lot of effort, Monk Strap is the way to go. The Monk strap shoes come in a variety of colors such as brown, black and oxblood coupled with the durable material that can stand the test of time.


Whoever you are, whatever you do, there's always going to be one style that becomes your signature. Decide that goes best with your personality and show a certain level of panache that other shoes fail to offer. These four types of formal shoes for men are worthy of any gentleman’s collection and the once we heartily recommend. Are you an Oxford or a Derby man? How many pairs do you own?

Friday, 9 February 2018

Bata Hush Puppies - The Name You Can Trust

In the yester years, Bata formal shoes and Power Sports shoes were very popular, but today, you will find a plethora of brands under the Bata umbrella. Here is the list of the brands that Bata offers today: Bubblegummers, Comfit, Hush Puppies, North Star, Power, Scholl, and Weinbrenner. Under the Bata brand for women, you will find chappals, closed shoes, sports shoes, and sandals. In the Bata men shoes range, you will find a wide range of mens formal shoes, office shoes, outdoor shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, mens sandals.

To cater to the upper middle class, Bata ushered in the world-class international brand collection called Hush Puppies.

Hush Puppies has a premium range that starts from Rs. 1600 to Rs. 6000. Here are some latest shoes of the Hush Puppies brand that you may want to have a look at.

Blue Casual Shoes For Men - Product Code: F824910200    
These blue-white-black casual shoes are perfect to style-up your weekend look. You can pair up these shoes with a checked shirt and beige chinos. The upper material is made out of smooth leather along with a tough rubber sole.

Hush Puppies Blue Formal Shoes For Men - Product Code: F824996600
The upper portion of these formal shoes is made out of soft leather and the TPR sole provides the necessary balance. These blue formal shoes are perfect for regular office goers, and they can be coupled with black formal trousers and a light coloured shirt.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Evolution and Trends in Men’s Sandals

Women and Mens sandals were probably the first kind of footwear developed by our ancestors. Experts believe that the need, wants and desires of variations gave rise to the present form of shoes. These days, sandals have also evolved and manufacturers have given it a style attribute that is a force to reckon with.

Sandals make you feel comfortable and they are generally worn during casual environments or strolls. Since most sandals are semi open and strapped, you don’t feel the discomfort that is generally felt in shoes. If you compare sandals with shoes, you can easily wear sandals for longer hours. Sandals that are made out leather are generally worn during semi casual occasions. There are quite a few office goers who would wear sandals to office during weekends or just before the weekends (like Fridays).

When you wear sandals, you generally don’t wear socks, but there is growing trend for socks and sandals these days. You may want to try out slip-on sandals with white socks for a perfect cold winter evening.

There is a stark difference between sandals and slippers. Although both are comfortable, you will find that the sandals have a more outdoor utility. Sandals are also worn on beaches and at the poolside. Slippers are generally worn at home and in the bathrooms. Highly stylish slippers may tempt you to buy them for casual occasions, but you should avoid this combination if you want create a good long-lasting impact.

The final take – wear sandals when you are bored of your shoes – you can always try something different.