Sunday, 14 January 2018

Evolution and Trends in Men’s Sandals

Women and Mens sandals were probably the first kind of footwear developed by our ancestors. Experts believe that the need, wants and desires of variations gave rise to the present form of shoes. These days, sandals have also evolved and manufacturers have given it a style attribute that is a force to reckon with.

Sandals make you feel comfortable and they are generally worn during casual environments or strolls. Since most sandals are semi open and strapped, you don’t feel the discomfort that is generally felt in shoes. If you compare sandals with shoes, you can easily wear sandals for longer hours. Sandals that are made out leather are generally worn during semi casual occasions. There are quite a few office goers who would wear sandals to office during weekends or just before the weekends (like Fridays).

When you wear sandals, you generally don’t wear socks, but there is growing trend for socks and sandals these days. You may want to try out slip-on sandals with white socks for a perfect cold winter evening.

There is a stark difference between sandals and slippers. Although both are comfortable, you will find that the sandals have a more outdoor utility. Sandals are also worn on beaches and at the poolside. Slippers are generally worn at home and in the bathrooms. Highly stylish slippers may tempt you to buy them for casual occasions, but you should avoid this combination if you want create a good long-lasting impact.

The final take – wear sandals when you are bored of your shoes – you can always try something different.   


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