Monday, 23 December 2019

Tips for a Seamless Online Shoe Shopping Experience

Not so long ago, shopping for new shoes involved visiting a nearby shoe store and making a jiffy selection. With e-commerce taking over the business arena, it is no surprise that customers now have greater brand awareness. Hence, choosing the right shoe online is no longer a straightforward option. It is essential to measure its look and feel it comfortably on your feet. Here are some great tips to ease your online shoe shopping experience.

Get the Feet Size Right
Did you think that knowing the shoe size is sufficient buy shoes online? Think again because these sizes vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. Don’t get too agitated because it is easy to take measurements of your feet at home.
  • Trace the outline of both your feet on a sheet of paper
  • Take measurements from the bottom of the feet to the top. Avoid making excessive roundups.
  • Measure the width along the widest part of your foot.
Consider waiting until noon for taking the measurements. Your feet tend to expand during the day and may even swell in hot weather. This is a sure-shot way to avoid owning an ill-fitting and painful pair of shoes that you will never wear.

Different Size with Different Footwear
Sometimes, wearing socks makes all the difference while you buy shoes online. Socks tend to increase your feet size while purchasing sneakers or winter boots. Hence, make sure to measure your feet with the socks you are likely to use.

Make A Wishlist Of Shoes
Online stores have expansive options for different kinds of shoes. Browsing through these collections may have you confused with choices. So, make a list of shoes you wish to buy. This will help you focus attention on a particular brand or style and save your valuable time. It will also prevent impulsive purchases that drain out your money.

Opt for Safer Brands
Shoe shopping is extensively brand-oriented. It is likely for you to adjust to a brand for its quality and comfort. While experimenting with different styles and brands is encouraging, it may not reward you every time. Take some time to research the brand and check out the reviews.

Once You Have the Shoe
Despite being cautious, it is only human to err on foot measurements. So, check if your longest toe and the shoe end are separated by a quarter to half-inch of space. Walk around with the shoes and observe how they feel around your feet. Do your feet have enough room to breathe? How do the heels fit? Are they snug, or do they slip off and pinch? It is imperative to be comfortable with the shoes.

Don’t assume that they expand over time or needs to be ‘’broken in’’. Ensure that the shoe fits from the start. Scrutinize the soles and check if they can protect your feet from sharp objects. They must also provide the right levels of cushioning and free from seams, tags, or other hazards that cause blisters on your feet.

Shopping for shoes does not have to be a painful task. Follow these handy tips to find shoes that match your style and taste. They are your companion in navigating the waters of online shoe shopping and deliver a product that you have always been excited to own.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Top 5 List: The Most Stylish Lancer Sports Shoes for Men

Whoever said, "Get a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" forgot to step into a man's wardrobe. That's the place where their confidence begins from, and this confidence impels them to take major leaps in life.

In today's competitive world, a man must be on his toes, round the clock, to make the best use of the opportunities presented to him. And what's the most essential thing to ensure that he can run errands without tiring out -  a good pair of shoes that's not just comfortable on the feet, but also reflect their personality. 

While the choices may seem endless, we've done the research for you so you can find the most comfortable kicks for yourself in no time. Here are 5 best Lancer Sports Shoes based on a variety of needs. 

Lancer Men White Black Mesh Sports Running Shoes

Let these classic killers from Lancer make a style statement as they carry your weight and cushion your every step. While their design is impressive, so are the functionalities. From monochrome feel to air-cushioned pods and synthetic upper, they feel as good as they look! The rough and tough construction make it apt for outdoor adventure. Complete the look with a pair of denim. Keep it balanced with a neutral palette.

Lancer Men Black White Sports Running Shoes

Be the fashion trailblazer on the next barbeque Sunday by donning these casual shoes by Lancer. Unlike other typical sports shoes, the laceless construction provides neutral support to your feet and ankles. Make it your style sidekick by pairing them with sophisticated polo t-shirts and shorts. Add in a luxury watch for an extra touch of refinement.

Lancer Men Black Mesh Sports Running Shoes

Boost your athletic style game with a pair of these top-of-the-line Lancer Sports Shoes. The mesh detailing and heel cushion comfort is what you need to make your strides comfortable. In a zippy mood? Get the vivid look by pairing these shoes with bright solid tees and joggers. Here’s a fashion tip – contrasting black and blue work wonders. 

Lancer Men Grey Red Mesh Sports Running Shoes

Get the cool look effortlessly with these Red Mesh Sports Shoes from Lancer. These striking shoes are anything but ordinary! Their funky streak may just be what makes the head turn. Try them on with a pair of track pants and joggers. Layer it with a bomber jacket if you’re feeling inspired to make a fashion statement!

Lancer Tan Men Walking Shoes

There's something about the retro tan that we all love. Add character to your style with these Tan sports shoes from Lancer. These classy shoes make a perfect accessory to take your casual attire to the next level of sophistication. Go a bit eccentric on a casual Sunday and complete the look with a pair of tracks and a bomber jacket.

Here we go! Shopping for a pair of sports shoes shouldn't be a complex endeavor. The best pair of shoes are the ones that feel the most comfortable on your feet. Now let the fashionista inside you shine through your wardrobe with the latest collection of Lancer sports shoes! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

5 Bata Must Have Shoes for your Winter Wardrobe

If you Google the word, Dapper, the result would be; (of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance. And if you click on “Images”, you’d see a medley of sophisticated and well-groomed men donned up in blazers, crisp shirts, well-fitted trousers, and shiny black (mostly) Derbys.  Quite inspirational for Millenials men, right? 

Achieving a dapper look is not difficult if you know how to get your basics and classics in line. And most important of them all is your shoes. Remember, a pair of shoes can make or break a look. No matter how expensive your three-piece suit is, but if your shoes don’t reflect class and quality, you’re not gonna make the spotlight. 

So if you’re heading for the new buy and researching your options, this guide on 5 Bata formal shoes could be the starting point. 

Bata's Remo Men's Black Lace Up Formal Shoes

The most basic and timeless pick from our collection, these Black Bata Formal Shoes, are an excellent starting point. Due to their minimalism and versatility, you can be dressed up or down for formal and daily wear. For business meetings, these are your safest choices.

Bata Men Black Formal Slip On shoe Shoes

Sporting wide and comfortable fit, these black formal slip-on from Bata are more formal than lace-up shoes but less formal than mules. This sophisticated alternative to the classic laced dress shoes can instantly add panache to any outfit. It can be worn with cuffed jeans, chinos, and even the most dapper suits. 

Bata Tan Men Formal Loafer

Distinctive in style, thanks to the textured detailing on the upper, these tan shoes from Bata are the most eccentric of the bunch. They work equally well with casuals and a three-piece suit. Tan shoes usually attract attention and may even become the focal point of an ensemble. The style gives the shoe its own personality. 

Bata Men Formal Brown Lace Up Shoes

Slightly more intricate in design, these brown lace-up shoes from Bata boast a comfortable style that's perfect for a classic, polished look. The popular and fashionable shoe is also a great choice for men looking for a polished style with interesting appeal. For styling, just make sure the attire you choose is a slim or skinny fit to maintain the sharpness of the silhouette. 

Bata Men Brown Formal Slip-on Shoes

These loafer style formal shoes from Bata feature Moccasin-style construction, making it a perfect pick for adding a stylishly relaxed touch to formal outfits. If you really want to make an impression, work them up with formal suits, especially those worn with flare. You can also opt for casual style with ankle-length chinos, short and rolled jeans. 

If you've been looking for Bata Formal Shoes online but don't know where to buy them, click here to browse the complete collection. All of these designs are a reliable staple that can complement most outfits, and it’s time you have them in your wardrobe too.   

Friday, 16 August 2019

Men Sandals: Are they Ever Actually Appropriate?

Who wouldn't like to ditch their socks and shoes for pair of open-toed, comfortable, and relaxing pair of footwear? Given chance, we all would! Being one of contentious items for men, all over world, men sandals have always been topic of debate. They have been given bad reputation, and not deemed fit to worn anywhere except for beaches and pools.

But is that truly case? Not anymore! Did you know pair of handmade, genuine leather men sandals can cost you just as much as designer Derby or Oxford? And they are so versatile in nature, that you can wear them with everything from cropped shorts to linen suits and even chinos. When worn with right style, men sandals can certainly help leave good impression. 

Confident, Refined, and Comfortable.

collection that you get to see at stores these days is incredibly wearable. There are several advantages to wearing these open-toed beauties on hot summer day. They are breathable, comfortable, and easy to slip on and off. If you choose right pair, you can stand out looking stylish and appropriate. Not to mention cooling feel of breeze on feet.

trend has recently taken sharp turn with many celebrities and designers endorsing it. They have been featured on catwalks of this year's spring-summer collection by luxury brands, finally putting these understated pieces on fashion map.

Different types of Men Sandals


Get look

No one's really sure when sliders got popular, but here they are! You can find celebrities likeSaif Ali Khan, Ranveer Singh, and RanbirKapoor embracing trend. Sliders have become quite acceptable in fashion game. You can profoundly carry them with your formal and semi-formal outfits. They go best with summer kurtas, but pair of trousers can also look good when teamed up with formal or semi-formal shirts.


Get look

Whether you want to step out on rainy day or take stroll at beach, floaters are better option for those long warm days. As for styling, floaters with socks are big NO! There are many cool ways of introducing floaters in your wardrobe without looking like eight-year-old. Pair these men sandals with shorts or chinos, and never ever wear them with jeans if you want to look relevant. 

Are they appropriate for you?

Well, it depends on occasion and your personal style statement. If you are heading for dinner date, then you’d definitely want to look your dapper best, but if you are someone who loves to experiment with their outfits, throwing in pair of well-made, leather men sandals can completely change game for you. All you have to do is be smart with your outfit choices and make sure that you don’t fall for cheap quality men sandals.

piece of advice before you plan look: Make sure your feet are clean and looking proper — no blisters or hairy uppers and don’t forget to indulge in good pedicure.

Have you ever tried pair of well-made men sandals? Which brand did you buy it from? And what did you think? If you haven't, try it once, and you'll be hooked.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

5 Stylish and Comfortable Shoes for your Airport Look

#Airportlooks is now officially a thing and everyone from Hollywood to Bollywood seems to be embracing this ongoing Instagram trend. If you are in the middle of planning your next trip, you may have already taken some celebrity style infused outfit ideas for your upcoming airport look. But one thing to keep in mind is that unlike celebrities, most of us won't be flying business class and transported to a luxury hotel in a limo. Therefore, it is very important to ensure whatever you choose to wear to the airport is not only stylish but also comfortable for you to feel at ease during the long journey from home to the final destination.

After all while running through the airport, between security and terminal changes, the first thought is comfort, and besides chic clothes, having a pair of comfortable shoes is a must.

In this fashion edit, we are going to present a stylish, comfortable and ultra-chic collection from top online shoe stores that is going to complement a wide range of outfits.  So whether you plan to go bohemian or classic, you are sure to find something to accentuate your airport look without compromising on comfort and ease.

Denim is the Way to Go!

The "It" trend of the season, denim shoes are very much in trend and for all the right reasons. They are quirky and have the potential to change the attitude of any look - something that anyone can try out and be a fan of! If you are looking for something that doesn't dull or overpower your outfit, then these denim slip-ons can be a great choice.

Minimalist White

For our next pick, we're offering you comfort by combining sporty with classic. A pair of white sneakers is a must have in a traveler's wardrobe. Celebrities are newfound fans of lightweight white sneakers, which are chic and usually provide plenty of warmth during a long flight.

Camo that Look!

Camo is spreading its wings in the fashion world now and this is the best time to tweak your bold style with a bit of print in it. Pulling off these quirky shoes might be a bit tricky for starters, but surely going to give a boost of confidence once you find the right mix of neutrals to go with. It can be a great way to finish off a smart casual outfit in an individual way.

All things Bright and Nice!

There's nothing that screams "Holiday" more than a pair of bright and colorful slip-ons. If you are looking to create a look that oozes edge and sophistication while giving comfort, these are the shoes that you need in your travel closet. A quick fashion tip: grab a bright bag to create further contrast.

Polished and Preppy!

If you’re headed somewhere tropical, a pair of tan loafers work well for warm-to-warm weather travel. Loafers are one of the most preferred picks for a comfy flying experience for a simple reason that they work with almost anything from basics to haute couture. What more? They also make the security process quick and easy.

So here you go! Next time you get dressed for a flight, make sure you have one of these in your wardrobe. Browse through the catalog from top online shoe stores and pick a pair that matches your style.   

Friday, 8 February 2019

90’s Inspired Women Sandals that You Must have this Summer

Summer season is finally upon us and it's time to ditch sneakers and let your toes feel breeze. Comfortable, easy and light, 90's inspired floaters sandals have hit pavement this summer and how.  From fashion bloggers to A-list celebrities and even college students have been spotted embracing this trend, making it one of most talked about trends in fashion segment. And yes, these are shoes that you would be able to walk in without having to worry about blisters. Are you ready for these sandals on rise? It's time to release 90s girl in you!

Sporty Sparx Sandals

Boasting wide and comfy straps with some fashion details, this particular collection from Sparx is one of our favorite sporty women’s flat sandals this season. more we look at this collection, more we fall in love with them. These sandals with chunky sole and wide bands give your feet needed support to walk extra mile. Since this style is available in three colors, there's always something that you can find to complete your look.

Dr. Scholls Flat Sandals

Revolutionizing shoe industry, Dr. Scholl combines science, technology, and performance to bring forth most comfortable products in market. There's nothing better than buying women's sandals online that reduce fatigue and relaxes feet. Wear these trending summer floaters with jeans, shorts, casual dress or jumpsuit. They're perfect for both day time as well as summer nights.

 Salt 'N' Pepper Flat Sandals

We love fresh vibe that these women'sflat sandals from Salt 'N' Pepper bring to outfits. artsy style is certainly pretty to look at and rest assured they're more versatile and easy to wear than you might think. They look chic with trousers and dresses alike, and they may just encourage you to venture few more steps into summer soirée.

We're definitely going to sport pair or two of these this summer. What about you? Are you ready to take your summer game to next level with our women’s flat sandals collection? Choose your favorite style here and get ready for comfy, fashionable season!